I have many years experience scanning, breeding and showing dogs, and offer the most competitive rates in the area using top grade veterinary equipment. Trained with VIS Level 1 and 2, I scan dogs, cats and even rabbits and hamsters. Based in Kingswinford, DY6.

I am often asked how long I spend scanning a dog or a cat. I take as long as is necessary to obtain an accurate result, and I set aside 30 minutes to see each client. Sorry but I don't offer a walk in service and you need to make an appointment.

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£20 weekdays / £30 evenings and weekends

Pregnancy can be confirmed with an estimated due date from 28 days after the last mating, although optimum results are achieved from around day 32 - 35 of your bitch's pregnancy. I can scan earlier than 28 days if you have concerns over an unusual discharge from your bitch OR you had an accurate progesterone test and know the date of ovulation.

I can also offer a home scanning service, please see full price list HERE

Please ask if you would like your dog weighed when you come for your scan.

Insured, Approved and a member of the Animal Ultrasound Association

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This whelping book for dogs will help you to stay calm and organized while keeping all the details of your litters in one place.
The main section of the book includes details of the sire and dam information,
litter details, bitch temperature chart, puppy worming and weight charts.
These books normally sell at £10.


The site contains general advice on breeding and whelping related matters.It is not possible in the context of the website to take into account individual situations or consider unusual problems or circumstances. If you are concerned about the welfare of a pet you should seek the advice of your vet. Whilst I try to ensure that the information within this site is accurate, I can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the site content. Users who rely on the information in this site do so at their own risk.  

I am often sent images of scans carried out elsewhere. Whilst I am happy to book you in for a scan if you want a a second opinion,
I am not able to offer advice on scans or treatment offered by another scanner/fertility clinic.
If you feel you have not received a quality service, please take it up with the appropriate channels.

For your pets safety, Ultrasound equipment should only be used by people who are fully trained in its safe and proper operation.
This requires an appreciation of the potential thermal and mechanical bio-effects of ultrasound, a full awareness of equipment settings, and an understanding of the effects of machine settings on power levels.
Not all machines available in the UK comply with our standards.

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Read more about Ultrasound Scanning HERE

I have published articles on the subjects below - Due to other scanners copying my work, access to some of these articles
are now restricted to my own clients.
If you have used my services, please contact me via email or whatsapp, and I will be able to grant you access.

Artificial Insemination
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Bottle Feeding
Breeding from start to finish
Canine Herpes
Fading Puppy Syndrome
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Post Partum Complications
Pregnancy Day by Day
Singleton Litters
Vaccinations in the pregnant bitch
Whelping Kit
I have clients who offer a microchipping and whelping service - please contact me for more information.


The ultrasound procedure is non-invasive and, in most cases, doesn’t require the animal to be shaved nor does it require sedation or an anaesthetic. A probe is covered with water based gel and placed on the animal’s abdomen, emitting an ultrasound wave in order to detect pregnancy. Any indication of numbers is an estimate as re absorption can occur and not all foetuses may be seen Calcification of foetal bones is around day 45, but can sometimes be seen earlier. I generally recommend a rescan if your bitch's first scan indicates a single puppy, the bitch has a discharge during pregnancy or she has had previous problems during pregnancy.

I do not offer a progesterone testing service. Note - blood should only be taken from your bitch by a vet, or
veterinary nurse when there is a vet on the premises. A 'fertility clinic' is not a vet practice. I do have some progesterone test kits available which can be ordered free from Idexx. See more here

Estimating numbers.... The whole purpose of a scan is to determine whether or not a bitch is pregnant, but everyone wants to know' how many'! I will always give an estimate of exactly what I see on the scan, but this can never be 100% accurate. It is completely normal for more or less puppies to be born than are counted at a scan. This isn't the fault of the machine or the operator. My machine gives very clear images of the fetal sacs, and as such I will always point them out and you can come to your own conclusion as to how many you can see.

Puppy skeletons start to form around day 38 of gestation. Earlier than this it is common for foetuses to fail to thrive and to then be completely re-absorbed by the bitch, leaving no sign that they ever existed. (The British Small Animal Veterinary Association estimate normal re-absorption rates at 5 -11%.) and a scan before 35 days may show foetuses that the bitch later re-absorbs.

Bitches can re-absorb puppies, and sometimes an entire litter for many different reasons. She could have hormonal or physical reasons that she cannot maintain a pregnancy, she may be stressed or carrying an underlying health problem/infection. There could also be a problem with the foetuses themselves and some breeds are more prone to re-absorb than others. You should consult with your vet to rule out any underlying medical issues if your bitch re-absorbs an entire litter. A foetus cannot be regarded as 'viable' unless a heartbeat can be seen on the scan. Even then, there is no guarantee that a puppy will survive through to the end of the pregnancy, they have a long way to go to get to 63 days. After about day 35 the puppies have grown to a size where they start to overlap each other on the scan, and telling one puppy from another becomes increasingly difficult. Any one puppy may be counted twice, and sometimes hiding behind another and missed.


I have been made aware that the scan record receipt that I give to clients with a record of my findings on their scan, estimated due date etc, has been copied, word for word, even down to the design. When it was re produced it was not even re created, a screenshot was taken and my logo covered up with another business.
This has been made into a book by someone I know who has already previously copied my work, which is being promoted for sale to anyone with a scanning business. Whilst I guess I should be flattered someone thinks highly enough of my work to copy it, if you want to use any of my ideas and designs, please ask first. I would have no objection to using my idea, but if you copy my entire work without my permission, it is known as IP (Intellectual Property) Infringement and could lead to a fine.


A RVN writes - Let's talk blood sampling? When training for my qualification as a Registered Veterinary nurse and becoming a regulated professional, blood sampling was taken very very seriously. Lots of training, health and safety, theory and practice. I wasn't allowed to sample an awake patient until my mentors were confident in my ability. Through training I earnt my skills and worked hard to perfect technique. I take the importance of professionalism and regulation very seriously and am held to my code of conduct and oath. But why is any of this important? Quite simply if something goes wrong, I am accountable. It isn't "just a blood sample" it's a schedule 3 procedure. Under the veterinary surgeons act 1966, blood samples can only be taken by a veterinary surgeon or a veterinary nurse directed by a veterinary surgeon. The animal in question MUST be under the care of the vet. It's really that simple. So what does this mean? At home blood sampling is illegal unless by a vet/supervised vet nurse. Progesterone testing by a non vet or supervised vet nurse...... Is illegal. The "breeder qualifications" currently suggesting and training people to blood sample...are directing people to break the law. Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 it is illegal for anyone not suitably qualified and regulated to take venous blood samples of animals... Unless its a badger

Maria Derry

'Went to Julie this morning with my girl for a second opinion. I had a feeling that a recent scan was not accurate. My girl was mated and the stud owner recommended the clinic for AI and I chose to have her scanned to confirm pregnancy. The lady found a nodule just below the "spleen" but wasn't confident to confirm pregnancy and advised to re-scan in 5 days (I must add second scan was to be free) Took her again and she focused on the same nodule to confirm pregnancy. Something just didn't feel right with me. How could the same blip on the screen ,that had seen no change at all in 5 days, now confirm a pregnancy? She advised me of the possibility of absorption and I went o my way. Days later I still didn't feel my girl was in pup..we had tried a number of time and this was to be her last go. I contacted Julie who was happy to see us the same day. She was lovely and understanding and also sorry to confirm that ,indeed,my fears were right and Ember wasn't in pup. She even showed me scans of what she would expect to see if puppies were present and also pointed out that what had been described to me as a spleen was actually the bladder. Forget your high tec clinics and stick with the people who know what they're doing !! Julie not only explained about Ember but is also compassionate about the responsibility she has when advising her clients. It was hardly surprising my previous scanner went right to the explanation that the pup had been absorbed. However I advised her the nodule she saw is still present but was never a pup as no fetal sac is present !! Needless to say communication has ceased. Thank you Julie for confirming what I knew and the responsible care you took in advising me. I will happily recommend you to everyone'

Lucy Walker

'Amazing and very professional service, very quick to respond to messages, very knowledgeable, made myself and my little Rose feel very much at ease. Would highly recommend! '

Lisa Barnbrook

'Julie booked my cat in for a scan at very short notice, she kindly scanned my cat and was able to confirm heartbeats, movements, dates and reassure me that all was going as expected, can’t thank Julie enough for her kindness and all her help'

Enda Beardmore

'After weeks of worry and wondering if my dog is pregnant, Julie confirmed it with an ultrasound. I was worried and concerned about how to deal with it as I have no breeding experience! Julie was amazing and reassured me, giving me plenty of advice! Knowing that I can speak to Julie about my concerns helps me and I’m confident that we can get through the whole pregnancy, labour and raising our new precious pups! I would recommend Julie to anyone! She is so easy to talk to and the mother to be was so relaxed and at ease with her.'

Note - any information given or detailed on this site is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care


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