Hi, my name is Julie, and the love of my life are my beautiful Rough Collies.

I set up my Ultrasound Scanning service when I was unable to find anyone reliable in my local area to scan my own dogs.
New lay scanners are setting up every month, some are importing cheap machines with no training, others
take a short morning course and the next day set themselves up in a ultrasound pregnancy scanning business without any
hands on experience.

After purchasing my first ultrasound machine, I did a very long period of offering scans for free to just about anyone
I could find with a pregnant bitch, so I could gain as much experience as possible before I completed my initial training.
I have since taken the advanced Level 2 course, and have become a full member of the Animal Ultrasound Association.

Before I took early retirement to look after my terminally ill mother and disabled husband
I held a Management position in Finance (Lloyds Bank) and pride myself on providing a discreet and excellent service to all my clients.
I have had litters of my own, and over the last few years have gained a fair bit of knowledge from dealing with clients, and
I am always here to offer advice if necessary on what to expect, what you may need, and how to prepare for 'D' day.

Avoid anyone who says they can scan your pet from 21 days gestation as this could lead to false results and you could be asked to go back a week later to get confirmation, and often asked to pay again. I am happy to scan early as long as you are aware the results may not be conclusive, but if you need to know for a specific reason, ie: to enter a show, or book a holiday, with a lot of breeds you can see early sacs at 23 days. 'But' it really is best to wait if you can. The optimum time being from 28 - 35 days to confirm pregnancy. Scans can be performed at anytime from 28 days up until the due date.

Scans are always performed with the owners present, unlike at a veterinary surgery where your pet is sometimes taken away to another room, this allows you to take part in the experience, and ask questions about what you are seeing. I can also provide images and or videos of the pregnancy (sent via whats app), as keepsakes for free.

Please be aware that an ultrasound showing clear gestational sacks at 30 days post ovulation are actually often feotus that are only between 1 - 3mm in diameter, and they still have a huge journey ahead of them. No ultrasound technician/vet can guarantee the number of puppies from an ultrasound scan and can only confirm pregnancy on 'that' day.

I also provide a Pedigree Certificate printing service (any breed)